Now a suburb of Istanbul, sitting on the Anatolian shore of the Bosphorus right opposite the heart of the great city, Üsküdar (ancient Scutari) was a city in Bithynia, built in a valley leading down to the Bosphorus shore.
As it's larger and more important neighbor across the Bosphorus grew, Üsküdar became a suburb and then a part of metropolitan Istanbul and a district. Üsküdar has a more relaxed atmosphere than the more overcrowded European side of the city.
Üsküdar has areas of greenery which can be an escape from the density of the city, including the Çamlıca hills and the Bosphorus coastline, and the area also has a number of important historical sites to visit, especially the palace at Beylerbeyi.
Üsküdar is home to many historical mosques and Ottoman buildings.
One of the first things you see on arriving by ferry are the two large mosques on either side of the ferry port, the Mosque of Mihrimah Sultan, and that of Şemsi Paşa, the daughter and wazir of Suleiman the Magnificent respectively.
Also in the centre of Üsküdar you will see the fountain of Ahmet III, an impressive marble structure.
Going uphill above Üsküdar and to the right as you come away from the coast, in the area called Doğancılar, there is the attractive mosque of Valide Sultan, which is very similar in style to the work of the great architect Sinan, and not far from here there is the beautifully tiled, Çinili Camii.
The religious monuments include the Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Tekke (Aziz Mahmud Hudayi who is buried in Üsküdar was the founder of the Jelveti Sufi order) and the Nasuhi Effendi Tekke (Nasuhi Effendi being the founder of the Nasuhiyye Khalwati Sufi order).
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